Getting ready for the M2M

Getting ready for the M2M

27 February, 2018

While the majority of people will be walking the course of the Mountain to Mountain Challenge, if you are planning on running, here’s a few tips from the team at Chodat Fitness to make sure you are race ready on the 29th July, 2018!

Frequency: Ideally you should be running 3-4 times per week for 12 weeks in preparation for the Mountain to Mountain. Work out what days and times will fit into your weekly routine and commit to it!

Rest days: Rest days are as important as training days. Try not to train on consecutive days  particularly with your strength training sessions as the rest days in between allow your muscles to recover, repair and build strength.

Run Length: The aim of the program is to gradually increase running distance and duration in lead up to the event. A final taper off of training should occur 1-2 weeks prior to the event to maximise performance on the day.

Interval/speed training: This type of training involves alternating faster running or jogging with walking or rest periods. Intervals are a great way to work speed into your training and thus improve your run time. Intervals should be run at a faster pace than your longer distance runs.

Strength training: Strength training should involve the whole body but with a particular focus on the lower body and core. A stretching and flexibility component is also important to maintain supple muscles and reduce injury risk.

Mountain to Mountain Nutrition: Whilst in training it’s important to eat three meals each day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and have healthy snacks in between to help stabilise blood sugar levels and keep hunger levels controlled. Your meals should be a balance of wholegrain, energy rich carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats with plenty of high fibre & nutrient rich vegetables, salads and fruit. Hydration is also a top priority – make sure to be drinking plenty of water on training and rest days. On the race day make sure you have breakfast approximately three hours before the start, have a small snack within the hour of starting and have plenty of water before, during and after the event.