Make or join a team.

Make or join a team.

13 March, 2018

Make a Team

To create a team you first need to register for the event.  Once you have registered you will recieve a confirmation email with a login and password at the bottom.  Go to the M2M website and click LOGIN (its far right on the menu bar). 

This will take you to this page where you can change your password to something that you remember.  You dont have to - its just there if you need to.

Click on the "CREATE A TEAM" button.

Fill in the details and click the "CREATE" button at the bottom.  You have now created your team !  When people join your team you will receive an email with a link to approve their membership of your team.  In fact - any of your team members can approve new members.  So when someone wants to join the team, any current member of the team can approve them.  You can click on this link or you can log in to the site and then you will see the screen below:

Click on the "MY TEAM PAGE" button and this will take you to your team page where you will see a list of pending team members with an approve button next to each one.  Just click approve.  The new team member will recieve an email letting them know that they are now part of your team.

Join a Team

To join a team you first need to register and then log in to your personal page.  Click on the "LOGIN" menu item on the menu bar and then enter your login details and click "SUBMIT" 


You will see the change password screen - you can change your password to something you will remember if you like - but you dont have to.  Click on the "MY PAGE" button to go to your personal page.

You will now see your personal page.  Why not take a few minutes to add your image and a short description of why you are participating in the M2M Challenge.  Just click the "EDIT PAGE" button to do this.

You can now search for a team - use the search bar at the bottom of the page or just click browse to go to the browse teams page.

Click on the"BROWSE TEAMS" button and select the team you want to join.  This will take you to the team page.

Click the "JOIN TEAM' button.  This will send a request to the team leader who will approve your request to join the team.  You will get an email to confirm this.  When you login, on the change password page you will see "PENDING TEAM" button until you are approved by any of the members from the team you want to join.