Where does the money go?

Where does the money go?

28 February, 2019

M2M Challenge 2015

In the inaugural M2M Challenge over 1000 participants raised more than $80,000 which was used buy a much needed wheelchair accessible bus. Maybe you have seen the M2M bus driving around the city?

M2M Challenge 2016

The money raised from the second M2M Challenge went towards transforming an empty warehouse into the Greenacres Kickstart For Life Training Centre. A state-of-the-art facility where school leavers with a disability can learn career and life skills and socialise together.

M2M Challenge 2017

The money raised from the 2017 M2M Challenge went towards creating Preston Place a contemporary new Community Life and Leisure Centre providing a home away from home for people with a disability living in the South of Wollongong or Shellharbour area.

M2M Challenge 2018

Last year, the money raised from the M2M Challenge went towards the purchase of a new truck for Greenacres Enterprises.  This truck is a vital link between our customers in Sydney and our enterprises.

M2M Challenge 2019

This year, the money raised from the M2M Challenge will be used to transform an empty warehouse into a vibrant new art space for epople with a disability.